A webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which looks like Twitter

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Halcyon is a webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which aims to recreate the simple and beautiful user interface of Twitter while keeping all advantages of decentral networks in focus.


It looks like Twitters user interface which you may already know

It supports custom character limits of Pleroma and modded Mastodon instances

It supports custom emojis in posts and user names and has a emoji picker

It's completely free of advertisements and trackers

It's open source - You can help adding features you're missing

It has full support for the lists feature including create/edit/delete

It has full support for the filters - Also from other clients

There are dozens of free Halcyon instances - No single point of failure

Halcyon is available in many different languages - Currently 9

Who to follow feature to easily find other users with similar interests

Supports different media files like GIFs,videos or audio files

Privacy friendly players for content from YouTube,Vimeo and Peertube