Installing Halcyon isn't complicated - really.
You don't need a database or any unknown dependencies.
Halcyon works on most shared webhosters,often even with free tarifs.


The easiest way to install Halcyon is YunoHost.
YunoHost is a operating system for servers which allows you to install applications using a web frontend without the need for terminal knowledge.
Halcyon is available in the official YunoHost appstore but it's managed by a third party so you may not always get the latest version.
Install Halcyon with YunoHost

Shared Hosters

Information: If you run Halcyon on a shared hoster it's very likely that not all of the supported languages work - You can't change that in this situation.

Your own server


Needed PHP extensions

Information: Sometimes you need to install them as packages on your system,sometimes you only need to uncomment some lines in the extensions part of your php.ini,that depends on your distribution.

Enable all locales on your system which are supported by Halcyon by uncommenting them in /etc/locale.gen and run locale-gen after that.The needed locales are:

Now do the things from the Shared Hosters part.