Share your website using Halcyon

Starting from Halcyon version 2.4.0 there is a page you can redirect to if you want that your visitors can share your link at Halcyon.
It works completely without embedding third-party resources into your site and you don't even need to use our script.
The easiest way to setup the share button:
Add this code to your page at the place where the button should appear: <div id="x-halcyon-share-button"></div>
Then download the code from here, save it into a .js file and embed the following code anywhere below the first snippet:
<script src="path/to/your/share.js"></script>
Please note that you can only embed one Halcyon share button per page.
If you try to embed more of them,only one will work because one ID can't exist twice.

Writing your own share button script

Halcyon has a open API,therefore there is no need to use our share button if you dislike it.
Alternatively you can set up a way to share as follows: