Sometimes there happen some problems,especially on new instances.
This page shows how to fix the most common ones.
If you have another problem which isn't solved here,please create an issue or write us on Mastodon to

I only get a blank page after clicking Authorize on my Mastodon instance.

Please make sure that a folder with the name data exists in your Halcyon installation and is writable (chmod 777 should be fine).

My Mastodon instance shows the error The redirect uri included is not valid. when trying to login.

You changed your config.ini after your first login try.Please remove the contents of your data directory (but not the directory itself!) to reset the API settings.

Halcyon shows random errors after an update or doesn't work correctly anymore.

Please empty your cache (CTRL+F5),logout and login again.If you're the instance admin,please make sure that you added all new options to your config.ini if needed.

Translations don't work in all languages,texts are always in English.

Enable all languages which are supported by Halcyon in your /etc/locale.gen and run locale-gen if you're using an own server.If you run Halcyon on a shared hoster,you can't add more languages!

Translations are in different languages but the texts are completely messed up.

Looks like we discovered a bug in PHP which happens sometimes for unknown reasons.It gets normally fixed by restarting php-fpm/php-cgi or your webserver.

That's all we know.If you find more bugs and solutions,feel free to add them to this page!